Your chapter functions well because of the actions of its committees. Without the dedicated committee members giving of their time and talent, little value is added for our members. Committee work is not difficult and produces a valuable benefit for all. Committees are structured to use every person’s talents and skills to the best advantage and share the workload.

Pick a committee and volunteer. Everyone gains.

Candidate Recruitment & Development/Membership/New Designee

The task of this committee is threefold, to encourage insurance professionals to seek the CPCU designation, to integrate new designees and transferees into the Chapter and to assist the CPCU Society in the maintenance of current membership data.  The goal of the committee is to develop, implement and maintain programs to encourage insurance professionals to begin CPCU studies and attain the designation as well as encourage new designees and CPCUs transferring into the Chapter to become involved with the Chapter.  This includes coordinating new designee events.


Committee Chair – Amy Weber

Connections/Champions Committee

The task of this committee is twofold.  The purpose of the Champions is to facilitate two way communications between the Society, employers, the local Chapter, The Institutes and the community; promoting the CPCU designation; and, in general, serving as an example of involvement in the Chapter.  The purpose of Connections is to assist the Chapter in developing and continuing strong ties with companies and agencies by coordinating and conducting visits to the organizations.  The goal is to increase visibility of the Chapter, develop relationships with the insurance community and to promote educational opportunities available through the Chapter.


Committee Chair – Katie Langel-Spade

Education Committee

While the Education Committee’s primary responsibility is to coordinate the Chapter’s educational programs, the committee also encourages member CPCUs to continue their education and earn CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certification.  To complete these tasks, the committee is charged with determining curricula, class format, and timing of classes as well as arranging for instructors and facilities.


Committee Chair – Full Board

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

To assist the Central Indiana CPCU Society Chapter with member engagement, outreach and affinity partnerships by strategically promoting all dimensions of diversity within the insurance industry.

Committee Chair - Debra Adam


Gamma Iota Sigma Committee

Gamma Iota Sigma is an insurance fraternity at universities in Indiana.  The committee’s goal is to encourage and support GIΣ students at the universities.  This includes, but is not limited to, being the liaison between the universities and the Chapter, visits once or twice a year to the university to meet with the students and determining ways the Chapter can assist the students preparing for a career in insurance.


Committee Co-Chairs – Paul Nash, Sam Bogdon & Mike Fisher

Good Works Committee

The goal of the Good Works Committee is to increase CPCU visibility through service to the community.  The committee organizes opportunities for members to participate in as a group and acts as coordinator and liaison for the events.


Committee Chair – Debra Adam

I-Day Committee

I-Day, or All Industry Day, is the biggest event sponsored by the Chapter each year.  The full day of activities includes educational seminars highlighted by the All Industry conferment luncheon.  The committee takes full responsibility for planning I-Day and the luncheon.  Activities include determination of seminar content, arranging for presenters, facilities, publicity, fundraising and obtaining a notable keynote speaker and conferment officer.


Committee Chairs – Amy Weber & Brian Johnson

Monthly Meetings Committee

The Chapter conducts several meetings a year for members, but open to non-members also.  The committee’s duties include planning and arranging for speakers, topics, facilities, themes, menus, dates, etc.  Usually one or two meetings are replaced by a social event, also planned by this committee. 


Committee Co-Chairs - Brent Mulvihill & Kelly Shannon

Public Relations Committee

The goal of the Public Relations Committee is to increase CPCU visibility and recognition by disseminating information about Chapter activities to the media, the insurance community and the public.  Duties include developing media contacts and coordinating PR efforts with other committees, such as I-Day.


Committee Chair – Bill Viar


Speakers Bureau Committee

The Speakers Bureau purpose is to increase CPCU visibility by supplying speakers to groups outside the insurance community.  The committee helps identify members willing to speak on insurance subjects.


Committee Chair – Nancy Natale

Technology Committee

The primary function of this Committee is the development and daily maintenance of the Chapter website, Twitter and other social media outlets.  In addition, the committee provides the PowerPoint presentations during the I-Day event each year.  We strive to gradually improve the website and increase its value to the members and to the insurance community.  The committee assists the executive director and others on technical issues by providing ideas, guidance and support to other committees and local employers as needed.


Committee Chairs – Aaron Dubas